The Work Place was created to capture every day events that’s happening at work, non alarming and alarming issues being faced by individuals at their various work places, and also a platform to give advice to business on how best to secure themselves from law suits, and staffs knowing what to do to prevent damage and job securities.

Issues such as

No Provisions of Health insurance Scheme to staffs

No Pension scheme for staff/ Non remittance of Pension Schemes.

NHF- The importance of every staff contributions

Non Tax remittance and yet employers deducts from staffs salary

Women at Work /Nursing Mums

Sexual harassment, No day care centers.

Effects of Office Romance on Business and so much more

Work hazard- No proper  monitoring Team going rounds to production offices to make sure that artisans life are not at risk.
Great Place to work- This will talk more on where fresh graduate should pitch their tents in order to  build themselves up while hoping to get the A rated companies.
Staff Rights- this will be weekly/monthly  Right act published for the lower cader ones to know there rights.
Unlawful salary deductions
Complaints Section- this will address issues that attacks individuals  at work place and knowing which agency to call for every work related crisis.

Business in Business- this column helps you locate business  around your business areas. For instance daycare centers close to mum at work. Materials related to your particular business.