Be Grateful

When the psalmist said give thanks in all things and at all times he knew what he was talking about.

There is nothing new under the Sun. There are things that we cant control or change. Still on the hustle matter. Once your earning is dependent on someone’s rating which will always be the case, it doesn’t matter who you are, whether you own your business or in paid employment your earning will always be dependent on your customers/client/employer/followers/ratings etc

You can only try and give your best and allow God give you the satisfaction that comes from the Labour of your hands.

In trying dont try too much. In hustling be modest. In creativity play fair, be innovative keep doing you. Snap out of pressure when it gets to high. Don’t allow societal expectations push you to the edge of doing something illegal. Because whether we like it or not there is a punk ass colleague who is the boss’s spy that will earn higher than you for doing nothing,
There will always be the office Bitch who gets higher pay for witch hunting or screwing the boss and there are some who earn big for being resourceful 😗 and creative.

Whichever cadre you find yourself in.

Be grateful and let God bless your hustle.



By Chinyere SUSAN Maduagwu

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