Do’s and Dont’s @ Work Place during the Pandemic.

Do’s & Dont’s @ Work Place.

lets get serious and talk about issues around work place especially during this pandemic.

Lets look at Do’s and Don’t in this pandemic. The world isn’t safe, there is so much tension and Anxiety we are all dealing with in one way or the other.

The following are the Do and Don’ts at work place.

The Dont’s

  1. Don’t grumble at work especially when salaries are delayed. still give your 100%.
  2. Don’t pester your Boss about salary I know we all need money but one thing you should know is that your Boss is trying hard to make salary happen despite the Economy situation. He also have sleepless nights concerning your pay so be patient.
  3. If you can’t accept the cut in pay please resign so you can create job opportunities for those who can live with the cut. For instance if your pay was 100 and was slashed to 50k rather than stay and frustrate your Boss and others at work give urself the peace of mind by resigning you might also get something better which is also someone’s rejected pay. Its a chain reaction.
  4. Don’t bad mouth your organization it’s not easy to run a business especially during this days of Recession and pandemic. Pray that things gets better and if you can’t take what ever the organization as an entity is doing to your psyche take a break or resign. It will help you re evaluate things.
  5. Don’t engage in office romance it is not safe you might catch corona 🤣 it’s even dangerous because if salaries are delayed the “two both of you” (in Jennifer’s voice) will be two broke lovers be warned😎

The Do’s.

  1. Embrace technology I can’t say that enough. Stop attending pointless physical meetings use FaceTime, Zoom, E-mails and any other apps that makes work easy.
  2. Use facemask never trust your colleagues with your health we all have diiferent methods of getting to work. They might have been exposed to corona patient. Also use yout sanitizers and wash your hands regularly.
  3. Minimise the use of office space encourage working from home if
    your work permits such.
  4. Encourage your Boss by sending him/her short sms telling them you see and APPRECIATE what they do.
  5. Work hard and play harder its good for your psyche .
    Be generally good and stay safe.

Thank you!

Chinyere Susan Maduagw

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