Drama at the work place

Mark is a project executive in an advertising  agency in Lagos.  Last Friday he was tired from running around  executing  projects and he decided to take a break in one of the office corners where he would not be noticed so as not to be seen doing nothing and perhaps be assigned another project.

In that corner was Ades laptop where he usually snuck out to watch porn since he had a habit of watching porn whenever he was upset or stressed that for him was a way to relax. Mark knew about Ades weakness or habit but never really talked to him about it. For both of them it’s just a guy thing to watch porn whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Mark saw Ades Laptop and decided to watch a movie from Ades laptop. Unknowingly for him the first move he clicked on was a porn movie that Ade was watching before the MD sent for him.  When Ade left the MD’s office he quickly turned to use the rest room and the MD remembered an errand he wanted Ade to do for him so he quickly went to the corner to see Ade but met Mark engrossed and gazing at the Laptop. Mark did not notice the MDs presence and voice asking him Ades where about, the MD quietly walked towards Mark and sat beside him. Mark looked up and in shock wanted to minimize the screen but the MD stopped him from touching the mouse and they both watched the porn for another 7mins in fact the MD smiled at him and conversed with Mark on the porn scene Mark sweating from fear and the same time a bit relaxed that the MD wasn’t mad thought well its not that bad. While this was going on Ade met them and knew something wasn’t right he quietly left the office to the production floor.

When the movie ended the MD looked at “Mark and said “hmmmm see what you are doing with company time and property watching porn. Kindly go to HR’S office and tell her to issue you a query on your offence and a  50%deduction from your salary” with that the MD walked out.

Mark went to the HR and told her “ Madam, I was rude to the MD and he has asked me to report myself to you and my  insubordination has earned me a 50% salary deduction Ma please don’t ask for details just issue me the query and I will sign”

Salary deductions are unlawful but when you are guilty of some unexplained offence you take it without any grudges.

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