Employees Right (Health Care)

The last time we talked about Employee rights, it was on pensions. Today we will be talking about the Right to Quality Health care service.

It’s no longer news that Employees are entitled to enrol for National Health Insurance Scheme.
But the quality of the service you receive from your service provider is our Focus today.

I never knew, that I could complain to my Health insurance Provider once the hospital are short coming in the following areas.

  1. Response time: that’s if it took longer hours for to see a doctor.
  2. The quality of drugs administered to you is poor.
  3. If the Hospital staff e.g. Nurse was rude to you
  4. If the environment is not hygienic enough.

5, If they refuse to transfer you to a better equipped hospital that is capable of handling your case.

Generally, anything you are not comfortable with at your chosen or designated hospital.

The fact that you are under an Health Insurance Scheme doesn’t mean you should accept any how service.

You have the right to quality health care.

And if after all these complaints and feedback to your Service provider and you see no changes then you have the right to write management to change the service provider.

Our next series will be on what to look out for before subscribing to any Health Insurance company.

To be continued.

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