For the Love of OWAMBE.

Hmmmm Some few years back, I was home one Friday morning getting ready for my 9 to 6 Job. It was a Friday so I had brought out my jean, well my kind of Job as a project Cordinator it’s doesn’t matter you can do Jean from Monday to Sunday. Except of course you have meeting at clients office you just might want to appear a bit corporate.

Back to my story, I had brought out my jean to wear when my phone rang . “HELLO SISTER CHINYERE” It was a brother from church
“Please I am sorry this notice is short, Mrs A turned 60 today and her children and siblings have put toghter a surprise Birthday and retirement party for her and they also want some church memebers in attendance and I am sorry I won’t be able to make it please can you and some few others represent us from church” hmmm Me that I love the sound of Party quick I replied “Don’t worry that’s not a problem I will attend illupeju isn’t far from LUTH so I can make”

l quickly returned the Jean and looked for a native that will be suitable for office and party at that same time. “Me Ke! party rocker” I got ready got to work and I thought about the excuse to give so I could leave office for at least 3hours. Anyway, I told my HR I needed to vist site to inspect work. So I left.

At the party I had fun and secretly thanked bro dips for nominating me as part of the people to represent church. While I was grooving I looked at my phone it was MY HR calling, I excused myself to receive the call ” CHINYERE the M.D. is looking for you and he said you had no business going to site, your work is here at the production ground. Please come back to the office. Sharp Sharp I qickly told the others I had to go back to work since the surprise party went as planned.

Back to the office there was an OPUTA panel waiting for me. I knew my bubble had been busted MY M.D. can catch a lier even 10 km away. At the panel my tongue was tied I couldn’t speak. Suddenly the scripture or saying “that all liers will go to hell was tormenting me” With my M.D. I don’t brother lying or give excusess. I just stood there like a child. when every other person left I waitied to plead with M.D. to please forgive me for my trowancey he only said “PLease leave my office”. While I was still standing he called Titilola Akinola Sofolahan (rest her soul) to come bundle me out. Trust TITI she knew how to get silly and she made attempt to carry me out lol. I left the office and HR handed me a working suspension letter for one week.

All for the LOVE of OWAMBE.

Don’t get me wrong I work Hard which explains the working suspension because if I go on suspension project will suffer.

I am a dedicated mother of 4 and a very Good wife wink

BUT WITH my Occasional “OWAMBE”, I dont joke with it. You know why, I am a beliver for Work hard and PlAy HARDER. NO APOLOGIES.

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