Hang out time.

A little talk for TGIF

A family that works hard has fun together There is this lounge we hang out for karaoke, and each time I randomly visit there I bump into the staff of a particular organisation.

Before the Karaoke outing I used to admire the bond the staff of this orgamization shared.

I know for sure they have a thank God its friday at their office but beyond that they also go for Karaoke at this lounge. I am not saying thats all that makes a good organisation, its more than that.

I have had to work on their premises on a Sunday and I tell you, I saw some of them come to work if the need arose without being coerced. Trust me I know the difference between been coerced and working at will.

Hanging out is not just for fun but it helps create a healthy work environment. It brings harmony to at least 85% and closes the gap against bullying and encourages Love and harmony at the WORK PLACE.


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