Identifying Strength

If there is something I like about being a Project Coordinator, it is the ability to recognise great talents and buld a team. If there is also something that challenges me more is the ability to put sentiment aside and engage great hands.

As a Project Coordinator you are exposed to so many talents and its your responsibility to identify Strengths and weaknesses. Other wise you will mess things up and its not good for business.

A while back I had a brief to design a space, I did and submitted it then the client requested for the drawings and quote (The design is more on a civil work with little branding. ) I reached out to my 3D designer who did a fantastic Job off the approved design and he told me he also does 2d but I knew deep down that my architect would give me a more comprehensive 2d drawings. They are both fantastic in the design field but this is where it gets tricky and where my intuition as a coordinator comes in, the ability to identify strength and weakness.

  1. My 3D guy is not a trained architect but he is an awesome designer he can design with his eyes closed he’s got an amazing imaginative mind.

2, My Architect is an amazing guy with great architectural skills his ability to give you accurate dimensions of Item/props placement is top notch. He can make a 10 by 12 room look like a palace with appropriate sized furnitures all fitted into one space and he is also good at 3D designs.

While both talents are great at doing the same thing with the computer one is more experienced with on site production of the actual designs He is handson on site and can tell when computer simulations won’t be doable on real site. My Architect can debug a design by simply looking at a 3D and tell you “this only looks good on Paper”

While my 3D guy can also handle the 2d drawings, I will rather have the architect with on site experiance handle the drawing just so we can avoid back and forth with clients in terms of cost, Production timeline, Accurate dimensions and a quick insite to deliverables on site.

A Project Coordinator is a thinker, a referee, a good Judge of character( eventhou s**t happens sometimes) A project coordinator is a mother hen who protects her own lol

As Oxygen is to life so is a Project Coordinator to all Projects.

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