INTERNAL WAR (Battle Between Department)

The battle between departments

Project vs Internal Audit.

The battle between these units is a never ending one, if not properly managed it could get personal. The two units are always at loggerheads because they both want to prove reliability , Superiority and Power.

Each department or unit at every point wants to be seen as the authority.

The projects unit is caught in between Organizational growth and customer satisfaction by delivering quality service. While the Audit department is strictly for profitability which equals growth which is good for the company.

Both Departments/Units are important to every structured organisation.

For instance a project coordinator would go extra extra miles to deliver quality which sometimes could be running at a loss because they want the clients patronage and satisfaction.

The Audit department on the other hand would want the project to run on zero cost. The audit don’t like to spend money at all.

The only way to solve the never ending war is to engage both department’s in a training so the two Unit can understand their roles, see others frustrations and and consistently design a system that works to avoid witch hunting.

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