Office DRAMA.

Audit: Jola what is this voucher for?

Jola: They are for expenses incurred while you guys were busy enjoying the Easter break.

Audit: I am sorry I wont approve this, Why didn’t you call before embarking on the spending.

JOLA: Oh okay didn’t you see my missed calls ?

AUDIT: Well I was somewhere that’s why I didn’t pick.

JOLA: Please sign and pay me I need a refund. Why are you ignoring me ? please sign its too early for confrontation mchewww.

Audit: It’s your uncle that has that mchewww not me. because of this small change you want to insult me ‘abi’ ? You can’t leave this money for company?

JOLA: It’s your generation that will pour water into the ocean please sign and give me this money.

Lol. These are silly drama that occur at Work after every short break JOLA feels Audit was enjoying while she was working. While Audit feels JOLA is pained that he had a long break and wants some sort of compensation.

Everything still boils to misunderstanding and show of who is more valuable to the organization.

As imagined by

Chinyere Susan Maduagwu
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For Internal War series and continuation of Bored Room series.

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