Interruption the new caring?

Have you ever interrupted a conversation that seemingly doesn’t concern you? Yeah 😁 I am kinda guilty.

I was at a client’s office today and and a new clueless client just walked into my clients office in desperate need of their services. MY client is a PR content marketing consultant . Turns our that their would be client was a bit loud and me I like gist, so I engaged him in a conversation asked him what he does and “blalala” you know now so me too I can also market “Susan Michael Projects” to him, I told him he is at the right place for what he needs.

Anyway in less than 2 minutes I kind of have an understanding of what he needs from my client. In the middle of our conversation the person I came to see called for me and I went up. It was a brief meeting so in no time I was back down stairs and I met him talking to a staff it looked a bit like they were arguing trying to understand each other.

He contined ” Ok do you speak Yoruba” He asked the lady. ‘Yes I do’ she replied. “All I am saying is I don’t have a clue on how to run this campaign I need help” he complained. And the lady responded you need to send us a mail explaining what you want, like a proposal’ she explained further. ‘How can I do a proposal when I dont know how to go about it’ he stressed out. So me ‘Bebelu’ like my Former HR woukd call me interrupted and explained to the lady what the man wants. Anyway they concluded that he should send a mail stating what he has in mind and the conversation ended. What is the Moral of this story?

  1. Sometimes we are either in a hurry to pay attention to what the other party is saying and the conversation that’s meant to last two minutes drags a longer time.

2, Don’t be to stuck up to talk to someone who is willing to listen because maybe that’s where your solution may come from. ( my client’s client was willing to tell me what he came for even though he knew I don’t work with the PR company)

3, It’s Risky interfering in people’s business in might just triger off wrong impression like what I did today.

4, ( on a lighter note) Friday evenings are not a good time to come discuss briefs because the person you are speaking with might have shut down for the week especially when you are speaking to an employee whose sole concern is payday.

Even me I only managed to drag myself to the meeting when they insisted I turn up today instead of Monday. You know why I dragged myself to the meeting? I was supposed to be at an Owambe. wink


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