Life of a Project Coordinator

The team player one man squad,

Shade you are a hard working lady but management is not pleased with you. This report was shocking news to Shade considering she had just delivered on a project that everyone shied away from because of its complexity and worst, short delivery time line.   Shade had been tagged “A crazy deliverer” or The Deliverer   she earned that name for her doggedness she didn’t know how to say NO. Shade could take up two or three projects at a time.

On this particular task, it’s an exhibition booth with a complex design and delivery date is one week delivery time. every one gave an excuse that they were all busy and can’t take up another project. The project brief eventually landed on Shades table.  Shade was advised by the Business Director to send the client away with cost and other means.  She acted as instructed by inflating the invoice but the client wasn’t moved or scared by the cost. They only negotiated for a 10% discount and Shade told them they could only do 5% which the client agreed too.  This client are not ready to back down they want to make an appearance in this year’s exhibition and a big appearance at that.

Shade closed the deal. From her estimate the company should  make a very reasonable profit of about 150%  for a one week project  which she considered a very good deal for the business. She commenced plans for  the project with her production team and she partially  put  on hold for 6 days her ongoing projects and they commenced production.  She raised her budget and took it straight to the Business director for approval. He was shocked and asked Shade why she took up the crazy  project,  she reminded  her Director “our company is a 460 degree company we can’t back down else the client who is approaching us for the first time will be disappointed with the organization”. The MD secretly admired Shades courage and can do spirit. “ That’s why I brought the budget myself for approval and not audit I don’t want protocol slowing me down she quickly added”  Budget was approved and released and work commenced.  She engaged external artisans to make the work faster she grouped them into 3 the teams those who worked on the Exhibition ground, those who worked inside fabricating the exhibition props  and those who will work on night duty to relieve those working during the day and that’s how she was able to pull through.

A day before the installation on site Shade fell ill with a terrible stomach upset. She called her HOD that morning to help her get someone supervise the installation but she got a shocking response “ Shade I am sorry I can’t help you, you  started all these come and finish it no one among other project teams knows the point at which  the project has gotten too.  Installation is today and the exhibition starts tomorrow so please get a taxi to bring you here so you can finish what you started. I sincerely hope you don’t bring embarrassment to the company by not delivering not after the amount of money paid.  We warned you not to take up this project remember” with that she ended the call.


What do you think will happen to Shade find out tomorrow, … To be continued.

What’s your thought was Shade wrong in taken up the Project?

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Shade was confused and sick at the same time. She collapsed on the bed and tears streamed down her eyes which made her head ache the more and she wished she never took up that exhibition project with that thought she dozed off.   She woke up at noon still sick with a lot of missed calls from work and clients and some nasty SMS accompanied the calls.  Filled with regrets she dragged herself out from bed got dressed and called for a taxi. She got to work in no time and she called her production team for a meeting she appointed one of the strong hands among the artisans  to head the guys and the other to assist she released some funds to them for expenses and pleaded with them to help make this project a success.  The sight of money excites the artisans and they promised to give their all to the project’s success.

The exhibition installation was a success and Shade and her team member returned to their previous projects she was having a meeting with her team members when management sent for her. She was surprised to see almost a full meeting room she was in suspense afraid and wondered why they were all sited and waiting for her.

Shade the HR started its no news that you are hard working woman but the management is not pleased with your style of work. You are one woman squad and this organization doesn’t operate in that system. We have a laid down procedure which you have never for once followed its just surprising how you meet your deadlines but we can’t keep operating like that. You fell ill during this concluded project  no other Projects Coordinator  could assist you because you choose to do  things your style. You released funds to artisans which the company policy frowns against. You pushed aside an existing project for a project the Director told you to decline and you still went ahead to take up that project you are hereby been placed on suspension for 2 months and when you return you will sign an undertaken to follow the companies laid down policy.  While all these was going on her phone was ringing nonstop and she couldn’t pick her calls. Suddenly  Bola the receptionist rushed in to the meeting room and announced “we won! we won!” The organizers of the exhibitions just called they said they have been trying to reach Shade and she isn’t taking her calls and they decided to call the office line.

What Shades company didn’t realized was that the exhibition was organized by an international body and they were also looking for local companies that build standard exhibition booth within a short period of notice and Shades company was one that delivered the best exhibition design and production. And they  just been nominated and will be  awarded with the best branding and retail space company  in the whole of  Africa. The award party will take place in CHICAGO  and the trip to Chicago for the award will be sponsored by that will also earn them an international recognition, with such news the meeting was thrown in confusion and excitement thrills. They all forgot about Shade and her suspension letter .Then suddenly they all remembered that the reason for excitement was Shades exploits and they all congratulated her for hard work.  Her suspension latter was called off but she was made to sign an undertaken to work with the company’s rules and regulation as regards to project execution.

But the question is will Shade make more progress working with the laid down procedure? Will she be The deliverer that she is known for? Will the company record another success brake if these continued with the regular office protocol? She became “The deliverer” because of her style of operations

Lets hear your thoughts on this.   Please leave your comments below.  Kindly mail us your work experience at


PS: please note that this is real life story if you need a branding firm to deliver or a competent project coordinator please send us a mail so we can hook you up.



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