Look Further.

As a Project Coordinator my speciality is Retail Space Branding. One of my specialities is to Design and build Exhibition Booth.

But one of my weaknesses is ‘Lazy shopping’ chinyere please dont confuse us I hear you say. Okay I will explain
Once I design and execute the Booth design I disappear from the Hall I don’t bother going round to see what the exhibitors are displaying. As a matter of fact I don’t care. I only come back when the exhibition is over to dismantle the stand. And that’s where I have been getting it all wrong.

If I had been paying attention to the Exhibitions and fairs maybe, just maybe I would have left the hustling cadre to the hammering cadre. Yesterday at the GT food and drink was an eye opener. All thanks to my friend who dragged me of my comfort zone it was really fun but fun its not our focus today.

I saw a whole lot of entrepreneurs young entrepreneurs doing there thing. From fresh Ideas to great presentations, these mellinias don’t play. They took the ogi or Akamu that you and I know to a whole new level, Ordinary honey nko infact garri Ijebu was at a different level. imagine I had a cup of garri Ijebu laced with roasted coconut in my hand, I drank it while I shopped around because of great presentatio. the garri Ijebu cost 200naira.

That was some one’s well packaged idea. I learnt a thing a two yesterday which I am going to implement soon. I am moving from being Reactive to being Proactive.

If you still don’t understand my write up, I suggest you start attending exhibitions and fairs starting with the ongoing GT Food and drinks to learn new things.

Ps: Attached are of my few designs and work.

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