Love at work Place

🎵Oh baby don’t make me unleash the Dragon I know that you really wanna unleash the Dragon…🎧🎶🎷🎤

That was Sisquo song playing at the background in John’s car. Mope didn’t like the choice of music Played in John’s car every evening going home. She had thought about joining the public transport but thats no difference anyway John’s car is comfortable, clean plus it help her save some money since it’s her first job after youth service. She is new in Lagos and high cost of transportation and street drama it’s still a culture shock to her. Mope had lived in the North all her life, Kaduna to be precise.

She was still wondering how long it will take her to find her feet in Lagos, own a car and stop joining John and her other colleagues when another Sisquo song came on this time it was ‘THE THONG SONG’. ‘Oh Allah na! na shiga uku yo’ she muttered in Hausa language.

This time all the guys ( 3) of them screamed at the intro of the song and they joined in the song she felt disgusted and closed her eyes. While her eyes were closed she didn’t realise that John had take a turn to Opebi she opened her eyes and screamed “where are we going”!?

Oh MOPE! Its our kariokee night and most of us hang out here very last Thursday of the month didn’t the HR tell you? Sadiq replied. Sadiq has had his eyes on MOPE since she joined the company but has never really said any thing to her. Tonight is my chance to have a word with her Sadiq thought in his mind.

Hmmmmm! MOPE couldn’t believe she was in a bar in the company of three guys Sadiq noticed her countenance and spoke “don’t worry the other ladies and guys including HR will soon be here. We wont hurt you” he smiled.

(Abeg! I will continue the story later. The heat is getting at me I need the rain so badly.)

Story to be continued on this page.

Thank God its friday.

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