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It was 6:10am Early Monday  morning and Tina was rushing out with to work and with her  three sons.  She was trying to make it on time to get to the children school  first before heading to  work. They were barely at the gate of her house when her second son Mike {3yrs} said “Mama I want to “pupu”  What! She screamed Damn it!  she cursed underneath her breath why are doing this to me I am running late already.  I have a meeting for 9.  Before she could turn back to open the gate and doors that leads to her flat Mike already did it on his body.

Hmmmm. she had to clean him up and dress him up in a home dress since there is no spare uniform for Mike. By the time she finished it was already 6:35 she got to the kids school at 7:15 the school Administrator  sighted her and noticed Mike wasn’t wearing the uniform, then  she asked Tina to please come aside so she could have a word with her.  “  Why is Mike not in his uniform” Tina took another 3 to 5 minute explaining what happened before they left the house. Sorry about that but you have to get a spare uniform in case of such issues next time.

No problem she echoed and she left. By the time Tina got to her Bus top it was already rush hours and getting transport to work became a bit difficult. She waited for another 10 to 12 minute before she got a bus and heavy traffic didn’t make it a smooth journey

By the time TINA got to work it was already 9 she was already 1 hour late this is the 4th time she was resuming late that month and the she has gotten a query. The most annoying part is that she has missed a meeting with her HOD for  her client has been taking from her because the clients  complained that she hasn’t be putting her best. Tina has been stressed and still battling with Depression after her last child 5 months ago.  The Organization was trying to be lenient with her but they can’t afford to loose business. She has been advised verbally to either shape in or shape out.

That morning the after the 4th query, the HR invited TINA to her office to advise  her to resign gracefully and face her home. She can reapply when she is settled and if there is any vacancy she will be called back.

“I need the money” she Told the Human resources manager I understand but the company has been trying to be lenient with you we almost lost SLUM account because of your carelessness. If you don’t resign Tina what you will be getting is a sack letter”.  Tina left the HRs Company feeling devastated how was she going to cope with her children without JOB her husband had lost his job last year with the heavy recession in Nigeria.  He was out of town to see if he can get something doing in Abuja. That’s how she was left with her children to cater for alone.  What she earns isn’t enough to pay a house help  Now she has been forced to resign and join her husband who is yet to find his feet.  What does life hold for me out there.  Well at least I will be able to take care of my children without stress of running home and waken them up too early, teach them their homework and not write it out for them as she does because she is too tired to teach or  late to check there work.  I will be a better mum at least for another month until something better comes up. With a smile on her face she tendered her resignation letter.

That’s life of a Lagos MUM sometimes sacrifice are made but are they really sacrifice when it concerns money matter. There are bills to pay, the children needs money to feed, school fees and other essential needs and that’s even worse when you can’t meet your needs because you are out of job. So is sacrifice of leaving a job for your children really a sacrifice?


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