My Issue with “Metoo”

I had wanted my Alter Ego ( The writer) to remain on break for a while but the private chats and augment on this FCMB Boss resignation kept me up yesterday morning and early this morning too.

Okay Some are of the opinion that sexual relationship between A Boss and a Subordinate is not consensual as it seems because of the power dynamics involve.

I smile in Spanish. Please can we stop empowering women with this “Chop and clean mouth mentality” and then come back for a refund after eating their cake. Oh yeah they even have a sweet name for it “The Metoo” Movement. Pleaae if women are claiming 50 50 gender equality, AKA Feminisim then we have the power to say no to sexual advances.

Okay lets leave that aside for a second and talk about the meetoo movement for a moment I think that Sh*t encourage women to folick around and then come back to cry wolf.

A Metoo victim in its actual sense is a woman or man ( its gender equality remember) who has rejected all sexual advances and was denied the right to a Job, Business or promotion despite hard work or qualification.

A Metoo victim is a person who because they could not meet up with the sexual demands in the corporate or any industry and as a result are living in misery without any good form of livelyhood instead what I see is a movement that compensate a woman who choose to climb the ladder by fuc**ing her Boss enjoyed all the luxury that comes with sleeping with the boss the cars, promotion, Gigs, endorsement name them and than comes back after years of living large to come demand for justice how does that even make sense?

Didn’t she know or remember that people were denied means of lively hood while she was sleeping with the boss? Why didn’t she cry out then?

Some of the these bitches ( excuse my french because I don’t like them) even taunt you who choose to manage the little crumbs from the table by constantly making your life miserable they deduct your pay, make you work late, insult you the list of wickedness from this corporate slay queens goes on.

Except you haven’t worked in any corporate or entertainment industry you might not understand the level of power this peoole have to destroy your career and now we are supporting this woman by saying she was cajored into an affair with her Boss because of his power that’s a fat lie.
She enjoyed the relationship which produced two children and well compensated for it if we are dragging FCMB Boss lets also drag the woman because she was the one who detroyed a life even though I have my reservatuon on Mr.Gentle I won’t share that here so you people wont call me wicked.

Hmmmm its well.
As for me my mantra still remains “I can do bad all by myself” let’s stop with this victim card we play. If you want to have an affair have with your eyes open, enjoy it while it last and be ready to pay or defend the consequences when its out there.

Again enough of this power dynamic card we play or use as defence between a boss and a Subordinate because there are a lot of qualified jobless people out there who for the sake of morality and diginity said no to sexual advances especially adults.

There are children in form of house help who are been harased and abused sexually and they don’t have the power to fight.
Those are the people who needs our attention.

Good morning to y’all
have a productive year start.

written by Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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