Nursing but Working ( Working MUM)

Nursing but working.

I saw a post somewhere where a mother is seeking for help on how to ensure her baby feeds on baby formula aside from breast milk. According to her the baby won’t take any other milk and won’t stop crying until she gets breast milk. She is very concerned because she is about resuming work and her baby is only three months old.

Some babies are very tenacious when it comes to breast milk matter its breast milk or nothing and this is usually a tough time for both mother and child. Hmmmmm and we clamour for equality at work place.

Which brings me to the equality campaign. I don’t how they came up with this or the reason for this campaign, don’t get me wrong its a good one but did they factor in all these challenges? We are all clamouring for eqaulity at work place with our male counterparts but turning blind eyes to child abuse happening at creach and schools, baby kidnapping by nannies, Baby labour at day care centre etc we can’t deny that this things don’t happen at least we see fresh videos as evidence almost everyweek.

Rather than talk about how to get Flexible work time, Ideas on how to work less days from office and still be effective working from home while nursing our babies, Installing Day care centres at work place in Bigger organizations, and be there for our children. We are still shouting For 50 50, we want to be Company’s President, MD, Chairman which is okay if you are not a responsible for babies and children because these roles comes with great responsibilty and challenges.

I know some people will come after me shouting what about the men?

I am a Christian and the last time I checked my Bible nursing of babies are for the mothers while Guiding and direction of the children is for the Father and mother.

My post is not a fact but it’s just me wondering how to handle the next generation who are really getting out of control.


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