Office Soul Mate 2

soulmates as cell mates

Ms. Tracy was really amazed at the success at which they carried out the deals without any of the projects in the office and side deal suffering, their delivery time was on point and she concluded that this two were “Gangsta”  It was pay day for the side deal and the money was paid into Funmi’s account. Ms. Tracy who had been following the events knew that trouble was soon going to erupt as it was time to share their proceeds.   That Night Ms. Tracy sent a message to Bolu to get ready for a trip to Abuja. Bolu was paired with another team member and have to be away for another 1 week.  Bolu told Funmi to keep the money and not send anything to his account to avoid any suspicious money in his account.

Funmi who already withdrew cash of N650,000 which wasn’t even the complete share for Bolu the profit they made was 1.5millon Naira and was meant to split 50/50 which is 750k each. Instead of Funmi to return the fund to her account she started spending from the cash. From  human hair to expensive make up and dress. By the time Bolu returned from the Abuja trip Funmi had spent 250k out of the cash and she was left with 400k. Bolu went straight from the office to  Funmis  place to pick the cash and was shocked at how much Funmi handed over to him because he had informed Funmi that he would  be at her place  that evening to pick up his share of the deal which was 750k. Funmi  gave him a valid reason that it wasn’t safe for her to go back and forth with the cash and she decided to spend from the cash as her own share. She promised to refund the money to him by Monday morning since its already Friday night. And she stylishly chipped in that his share was 650k and not 750k as she was the one who did all the running round. Bolu gave her a stern look and warned her not to play that game with him I was also covering up for you at work remember he replied Funmi.  Please get my 350k ready by Monday morning to avoid stories that touch.  After brief silence they both burst into loud laughter and called each other names jokingly and bade each other good night.   Funmis voice “Your balance is 250k and not 350k” kept ringing on Bolu’s head he shrugged it off by saying she better be joking.  Funmi on the other hand  find  it difficult to release 35Ok from what is left because it suddenly dawned on her that she had spent 250k lavishly within a week FUNMI wanted to eat and have her cake at the same time. I won’t give him all “abeg” he caused it she muttered if he hadn’t travelled to Abuja I would have given him the cash and I won’t have spent 250k just like that.

Monday morning came and all Funmi handed over to Bolu was 150k. “Funmi what is the meaning of this now” my share of the deal is 350k and not 150k kindly provide the rest. Relax abeg I will give you the rest tomorrow. The next day funmi avoided Bolu and all they could hear was babes how far now and she would reply “I dey” one day tuned to 4days and it was Friday already and all their colleagues could hear is “Funmi how far” and when she would reply “ I  dey” with this they needed no soothsayer to tell them there was trouble in “Work love paradise”. When Bolu couldn’t take the “I dey” response any longer  his love for money got the better part of him and he screamed out Funmi if you give me the “I dey”  response one more time I swear I will”….. “You will do what” Funmi retorted “beat me”?   “why are you disturbing me can’t you see I am busy” “ Busy doing what”Bolu asked “aren’t we partners” since when did you start getting busy without me” The argument became heated and almost violent that the both of them were reported to the HR’s office for disturbing the peace of the company but what was more confusing to other is that they both couldn’t explain to others  why they were quarrelling.   Ms. Tracy who already knew or had an idea what the   issue was kept pressing to get them to confess why they were quarrelling. They are both smart and didn’t divulge any information but rather they kept blabbing until H.R sent them on an indefinite suspension for  quarrelling,  she knew they were not lovers since both of them were married. “You will both go on an indefinite suspension until you are able to tell us what the bone of contention is that made you disturb the peace of the company”.   What the HR was going to do was  to investigate them on all their previous deals  and bring to limelight their recent deal with the companies client. After which a sack letter would be issued to both of them for defrauding the company.

“Office soulmate” is good but don’t get your office property involved in your sweet world be a professional, don’t get your hands messy. It could get you both fired and your reputation messed up  if not properly managed.  Be careful when your company client suddenly approaches you. You might just be set up on the hot seat which could lead you to jail if you are not careful.


Be warned.

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