Office soulmate

soulmates as cell mates

Bolu and Funmi are good friends they could pass as” Office soulmates” if there is a word like that.  They work as a team for every project, separating them from each other is like separating fish from water.  But the unfortunate thing is they both love money and they will always fight during money sharing after each side deals from each Project  handled.

Whenever you hear them use words such as babe “how far now” or “Guy how far now” depending who has the deal money at hand just know they are about to share proceeds from one of their side deals. This were there usual norms and if you see them not talking to each other for days just know that one of them is feeling cheated from a deal or a business relationship gone bad but they always find a way to resolve their differences.  This was the Norm for the two “Office soul mates”.

Last year December they decided to take their deal a step further this time instead of the usual side money they make from projects they decided to corner the companies’ client so they can make a quick cash for themselves for Christmas. The cornered deal went well, Funmi called in sick for a week while Bolu covered for Funmis sick leave and no one suspected anything.

What Bolu and Funmi didn’t realize was that the whole side deal was a set up by Human resource Manager Ms. Tracy  to test their loyalty to the company since everyone knows their love and greed for money was getting out of hand and wanted to find out exactly what causes there frequent quarrels and yet they still choose to work together as a team.

To be continued……… Click here for part 2

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