Stop! In the name of Love before you break my heart🎤🎷🎺

Those were the Supremes in the 60’s
I spent the day researching them and realize how partnership in business always, always and always!! Goes wrong.
In partnership, the best or the founder never gets it all.

I have personally have concerns with partnership and recently I have been stumbling on history’s on partnership gone wrong. Heart’s gets broken, Trust are broken business goes wrong etc.The weaker ones who most times are the brain behind the business gets cheated out. But what I also find funny is that the brain of the business or what ever partnership there is when cheated out finds it hard to stand on their own after given so much in the the last partnership. They are usually bitter, they grow weaker, (having given their all) to start again. But for business to go far bigger and sucessful, partnership is required that’s pulling of funds,ideas and time together. To make the business great. But then again the fear of losing out at the end after putting all your strength and energy into that business becomes a major source for concern and you rather stay on your lane to micro manage your business by taking “the baby step” make mistakes fall, stand again and keep moving on. However there are other means to growing your business without partnership. Which is getting investors this is different from partnership. You get funds from investors to payback with good interest and pay for ideas and resources to grow your business and yeild good profit so you can payoff your investors and still not loose out in the end.


Written by Chinyere Maduagwu

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