Queries! synonymous to the 9-5 job work environment. You better count yourself lucky if you have never received one.

Speaking of Queries, a friend of mine once told me of how she’d received a query from her boss through the HR dept.

According to her she had attended a pitch presentation with her boss and from the look of things it was a success and they had closed the deal. With the deal secured, her boss offered her a ride in his car so they could discuss execution which is okay and they even had lunch. In the middle of a happy conversation, she let slip how she had made mistakes on the job; how she’d sent a wrong mail to a troublesome client and how she corrected it without anyone noticing and her boss was shocked that she managed the client without drama from the client. They laughed at her mistakes and the day was over.

Guess what happened the next day! The Hr department had sent her a query to explaining the details of her mistakes with the said client. The Hr went ahead to say in her mail ” It has been brought to my notice by the Boss how you have been making a mess of the company’s reputation with your mistakes” she was shocked at the turn of events. One minute I was laughing and celebrating with the boss and thw next minute I am been queried. Woah!

I can’t remember how she answered that query, but I remember she was penalised. Thinking about it now, if this had happened to me, this how I would have replied the query.

To be continued on this page.

Written by Chinyere SUSAN Maduagwu

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