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Dear Hr unit,

I am still trying to figure out what this query is about. I don’t know what my offence is.

But from the little I could gather from your mail, you stated I had this conversation with the boss yesterday. I can’t remeber saying such or having any conversation with the boss about any client or mistakes. But since this query is as a result of yesterday’s outing this is my own account.

I remember having a sucessful presentation with the clients and they are willing to come on board due to my outstanding performance and I have just received a mail to that effect. After the meeting I was already sited in the assigned car that took me for the meeting when the Boss offered me a ride and also lunch to celebrate our success. At the French restaurant, the boss made an order for drinks and food, and although I am not familiar with such restaurants. I must confess the food and drinks tasted really nice.

But that’s all I could remember because I slept all through the journey back to work due to the heavy traffic. I remember leaving work immediately we got to the office because I felt dizzy. I don’t remember having any of these discussion with the boss. I am suprise to receive a query for accepting to ride in the same car with the boss and also celebrating our outing because that’s all I can remember.

However, I am going to google the restaurant contact and call them to enquire the content of the drink and food. If the drink has any alcohol content I might have to speak to my lawyer because I remember telling the boss I don’t take alcohol and I remembered he said ” The day is still young, who takes alcohol during work hours” If I had said any of this things mentioned in the query it must of been under the influence of alcohol. Who knows what else happened? Because I have been feeling very funny since yesterday. I feel violated at the moment. I need to speak to my lawyer


Chinyere SUSAN Maduagwu

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