The Acknowledgement Thieves

Acknowledgement is showing appreciation or thanking everyone who has contributed to the success of a project.

If there is something I personally don’t appreciate its robbing me off my acknowledgement. I can’t stand a team leader or member who while giving a progress report on a project does not mention the names of individuals who gave ideas. If you say: ” I have considered that xyz ideas should be blah blah” excuse me it should be idea’s are NOT cheap acknowledge the rest of us by saying;

“My team has brainstormed on certain ideas, and we feel it should be blabla” Very good more like it. Some of us most times ignore other people’s efforts/contributions, it might be by ommission or deliberately, which ever case it is, please let’s start making it a point of duty to start acknowledging people’s thoughts, Ideas, Efforts and contributions. Its healthier, and gives satisfaction to the person and it encourages them to do more.
Written by

Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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