The Act of Faceless Management.

According to Google search: Management is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people.
According to Wikipedia: Management is the administration of an organization.

But in reality management is the faceless body that comes together to attack staffs or treat their f**k up when necessary.

Management are known to be faceless in times of crisis e.g financial crisis, down sizing of staffs. You can never see the face of management when certain decision like this are made : such as we are sorry Management
Can’t afford to keep you any longer, We are sorry Management has decided you go on compulsory leave until further notice, We are sorry salary will be delayed a little longer, We are sorry management cant afford to send you on training, and the list goes on.

But when it’s time for some positive news. You will hear or read stuffs like this From
The Markertimg unit/dept or
The Office of the CEO
The Project dept
The Office of Human Resources is happy to
Inform you that you have been promoted, or you have been chosen to go represent the company in Australia etc.

So there is a clear difference between “Management” and “THE Management”

Thank you.

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