The ATTACKERS this set of people are there to defend themselves & their unit and also to attack other units.

To the Attackers they are the ones who truly see the BOARD ROOM for what it is; a war zone where superiority and Power tussle are on display. The Attackers store up all thier issues for the “War Room” where they can prove to management how important they are and how without them the company can’t move to its ‘permanent site” They are there to prove that they or their UNIT are the money making side and deserve all the Accolades, Respect, and Attention.

Unfortunately THE ATTACKERS are the bosses delight, beacuse through their arguments with the other units they consider less important. They display a sort of fanatical LOVE and Passion for the organisation. And by so doing they make the SPEECHLESS look less valuable and this really hurts the LOOKERS (I will come to those ones later). The SPEECHLESS are not moved by all the drama of the ATTACKERS, because they know that the Key to the ATTACKERS success lies in their unit.

Examples of the ATTACKERS are usually Project coordinators versus internal audit, Sales and marketing versus Account Unit etc. The Attackers dare not carry their “crase” to THE SPEECHLESS because those ones will silently end their career so they dont cross boundary.

The Attackers can also pass as the Contributors because they are both attention seekers.

My next post on how to handle these set of people will be on the blog shortly after this one. The Title is the INTERNAL WAR.

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