The Inspired.

These set of people are the ones who dream and live for the BOARD ROOM . All through their teenage years, they have always dreamed and pictured themselves sitting with the bosses and listening or contributing to the topic. Sometimes they might even have nothing to contribute but they are glad to be a part of the BOARD ROOM.

You all know that the BOARD room is not for every one. So for the inspired because the BOARD ROOM excites them a lot, they work extra hard so they have something to contribute and present.

When ever they are on their way to the BOARD ROOM, they walk with thier shoulders high and they look down on those who are haven’t earned or had the opportunity to sit at the BOARD ROOM with pity or disrespect especially the cleaners and office assistants. They have the attitude of we earned it and that’s why we are here. Although there are some really kind ones amongst “the Inspired”:

But most times they are rude and Loud;

They pick the visible seat so they can be noticed. They speak or interject even before you seek their opinion. They create an impression of intelligence so you look at them with respect.

For the ladies, they wear heels with extra inches, their skirts tight anf a little bit above the knee. For the guys their shirts are extra clean, Their attitude and speech get most of the attention for them.

The “Inspired” are not my main focus in the series “BORED ROOM” because they are boring but intelligent. Scrap intelligence sometimes they are clueless, but they love the idea of begin in the BOARD ROOM. I was in the cadre of the The Inspired in my early 20s to early 3Os OH Boy! I loved the BOARD ROOM.

I am eager to move to episode 2, 3, 4 where the real drama of the BORED room begins.

Stay Tuned.

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