The BORED ROOM ep 3 The Contributors.


Today our attention is on THE CONTRIBUTORS

The contributors are the semi ‘INSPIRED’ the difference between THE CONTRIBUTORS & THE INSPIRED is; THE Inspired make meaningful impact with their speech, the THE CONTRIBUTORS make no sense at all.

They just love the sound of their voice. They neither Love nor dislike the BORED ROOM. But while they are there they want to make the most of it. They do not want to be left out.

This is how you identify THE CONTRIBUTORS, once they start talking they don’t stop. They love to use Grammar. They gesticulate with their hands and sometimes change thier intonation to either British or American if they can but they are making no sense.

The SPEECHLESS ( I hope you remember them) are their encouragers you remember the Speechless nod to every conversation. So while the THE CONTRIBUTORS carry on with their speech, and the SPEECHLESS nod they think they are making loads of sense which fuels their EGO. The INSPIRED on the other hand are lost with the point THE CONTRIBUTORS are trying to make but because the Speechless are nodding to what ever the Contributors are saying, The Inspired pretend to Understand what the THE CONTRIBUTORS are saying because they don’t want to look dumb.

It takes the intervention of the BOSS to shut up the THE CONTRIBUTORS so everyone else can make meaningful contributions.

After the meeting at the BOARD ROOM, THE INSPIRED walk up to the THE SPEECHLESS to ask what THE CONTRIBUTORS point was and THE SPEECHLESS drop the bomb; ‘Honestly I have no Idea’ so why were you nodding? THE INSPIRED will ask ‘Because I really don’t care about the BORED ROOM’.

Article as witnessed by the writer
Chinyere Susan Maduagwu.

To be continued.

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