The Bored Room pt 2

The Speechless.

In the last series I talked about “THE Inspired
I forgot to mention in the last series that the categories of those that fall under the The Inspired can be found in Sales & marketing department, Personal Assistance and Project Executives.

Back to today’s topic ‘THE Speechless’ they are the ones who are always present at the BOARD ROOM; they are early, they take a seat in the middle , they are well dressed, Sometimes Intelligent but Very GOOD infact Crazily GOOD at what they do. but they really don’t give a hoot about the topic of discussion at the BOARD ROOM. To them its the ‘BORED ROOM’ a simple e-mail should have passed the message rather than waste precious time calling for meetings.

They will never interject but only nod in affirmation. The only time they speak up is when decision has to do with finance that is likely to affect salary and they dont joke with pay day.

Their input are usually like this, “So in all of this, what is going to happen to salary? Is salary going to be delayed?

Or sometimes when Company is going through a rough patch and management tries to avoid mentioning salary or the reason its delayed, once the Convener of the meeting ask
Any other Business ( AOB) thats when they speak up.

‘ I don’t know about others but when I come to work I come with the intention of getting paid. I am wondering why every other person is okay with no salary. I am broke and can’t afford to buy coke.’ and when the Human Resources manager tries to water it down by promising to buy him coke until pay day he drops the bomb ” How about condom are you going to supply me that too?

The speechless are found in IT unit, Tech Dept Copywriters & Graphic design,

I rest my case.

To be continued.

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