The clueless staff

The BORED ROOM series continues tomorrow. But let me share a story about the The Inspired but clueless.

I was working at a communication company some 15 years back as a Customer care representative. ( Don’t worry I am not that old) I had my children first, got lucky with corporate jobs before before Attending University).

Anyways, I was good at what I did, well my MD & ED, Sales and marketing manger confirmed that.

Even the clients loved me. I was also in charge of sales records for Marketing, but had no clue about financial terms or clue about organisational growth. Well I sha carried out my daily task well. That was my primary assignment.

It was the end of year for 2004 which was also my first year in the company and the organization was organizing a Christmas party wow! Me that had been party starved was crazily excited about the news. The D day came and I was over the moon at the thought of the party. Even though it was going to be a night party my pregnant self was going to wait for the boggie night.

While we were waiting for the party set up in the evening, The MD decided to engage all the staff in a meeting but in a relaxed atmosphere because we had drinks and snacks to munch on while we review the year. While the conversation was on going all I could think about was the party. I was going to show my collegues that I could dance even with the pregnancy. I was going to prove to Mrs. P that I knew what’s up.Lol.

I was still in my lost world when my M.D. Mr. J.P called out my name in his British Accent “Chinyre can you please tell us what our Monthly TURN Over is” The key word there was TURN OVER. I choked on my drink then Froze because I have never heard the word TURN OVER in my life. Every ones attention was on me to answer since I was the one who records sales and have access to use of Excel app.

Omo yours trully couldn’t answer oh Mr. Paul the manager and Mr. Awe the accountant tried to break down the question for me. Lets just say I failed ti give the right answer. MY M.D. was in shock to see that the passionate Chinyre was clueless.

I felt embarrassed and all the party excitement went flat. How was I supposed to dance at the party when I couldn’t answer a simple question
I blamed myself for not going to university at that time at least I should have come across the word TURN OVER. My MD noticed that I was cold at the party he called me aside gave me a 10 mins lectures on what Turn over meant Boosted my Moral and told me I was the best and deserve to enjoy the party.

So yes I went back to the party with a high spirit and yes when ‘Ali G Booyaka’ song came on, oh Boy I displayed My dancing talent not minding my pregnant state I did the butterfly dance effortlessly.

Was Mrs P impressed? off course she was
She looked at me and said ” That’s why you are always pregnant 🤣 .


Story by
Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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