The INTERVIEW Swag gone wrong.


I walked into the office premises with my head high, my suit on point, my heels 6inches above the ground. I got heads turning. Who is she I heard some guys whisper I was born ready for today. “nothing do me”. I greeted the receptionist. My name is Chinyere and I am here for an interview. “Bukky the Admin is not available at the moment but please have a seat and wait for her”
While waiting for Bukky at the reception, I was glad to be attending an interview after a long job search. And I was sure to get this one because my referral was a strong one.

I had flashbacks to my moments of no job. I had prayed and prayed and out of faith brought out clothes fit for a white collar job. And as fate would have it Mrs. P came to town for vacation from the UK. She sent for me and informed me of a friend of hers who wanted a Personal Assistant, and she recommended me for the job. Mrs P. Is a sucker for good dress sense and she had carefully picked what I would wear for the interview. She asked her sister inlaw to follow up with that and make sure I appeared great for the interview. One more thing she said “could you please not wear those rigorous heels you wear abeg please wear moderate foot wear for this interview” Yes Ma I said. But I don’t have moderate heels infact I don’t have shoes she looked at me funny and siad I know that’s what you will say. She reached for her bag. And gave me 20 pounds to buy a pair of nice shoes for the interview. She begged me one more time to please don’t use her money to buy “onile gogoro” yes Ma I said. Anyway let’s just say I went to the markert and didn’t see the moderate type and I ended up buying my spec.

Back to the waiting room, I had been waiting for Bukky to appear for hours and and I became hungry so I asked the receptionist where I could buy food and she described the place to me. At that time it’s a thing for me and my friends to cheack out eating area if they have standard buka place, that’s a crucial criteria that complements good work environment.

I got to the described place owned by LAWMA or LASTMA I can’t remeber the exact Lagos agency that owns the place. Wel l got settled and placed my order and the food that came wasn’t impressive at all in terms of quantity but quality wasn’t bad. I said to myself hunger will finish some one if this is what some one will have for lunch. I wasn’t happy at all. I will have to search for something better when I resume work I promised myself.

On my way back to the interview place to wait for Bukky, I crossed over to the other side and made to pass behind commuters waiting at the bus top. The place was a bit rough with dry mud I tried my best to walk gracefully until I noticed some people trying to steal a glance, in the midst of still feeling my self, the unimaginable happned. My heels broke 😕 No it can’t be how? New Okirka designer Shoes from Oga yellow at Ikeja! Had just disgraced me at no other place but Town planning bus top, the popular Anthony bustop in Lagos state. I am finished I haven’t even done the interview. “MRS P’s. warning came ringing in my head please don’t use my money to buy heels, Don’t wear heels” The sympathy of the onlookers brought me back to reality “sorry oh aunty” “You no get slippers’ How far are you going” How can you wear this beautiful shows without slippers” The ground that broke my heels didn’t open to break me too. I was full of regret. I blamed my stupid appetite that couldn’t wait for the interview to be over before asking for food. What a shame.

I leaped from Town planning back to Elephant house. Those who looked at me with admiration now looked at me with pity. I was no longer the tall lady who walked out gracefully to eat. I came back the leaping lady with a beautiful suit. and the first person I met at the office door unknown to me was Bukky.

Long and short of my story I got the job but the broken heel affected my confidence which in turn affected the pay negotiation.

I learnt my lesson for moderation that day.

Story and written by Chinyere Susan Maduagwu


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