The Misplaced H.R

The Misplaced HR

Description: Human resources describes the people who make up the workforce of an organization, industry, business sector, or economy. “Human capital” is sometimes used synonymously with “human resources”, although human capital typically refers to a narrower effect. Wikipedia

Incase you missed the last article, ‘The Unfortunate Strategist’ please click on this for you to understand what this write up is about.

Yes the characteristics of a Misplaced HR are very similar, if not the same as that of the Unfortunate Strategist. So I won’t be repeating their roles. Unlike the Unfortunate Strategist, whose strength is based on cognitive tasks, the Misplaced HR has eagle eyes, a strong intuition and high emotional intelligence so artificial intelligence can’t really match their skills.

For instance just by looking at/meeting someone they can tell you if they will deliver on a job, without even saying a word to the person. They can tell you first hand, what an applicant’s strength are, they don’t dismiss people just because their strength isn’t required in a particular work environment(at the moment). Rather they will recommend to management to either create something for them or tolerate what the applicant’s strength can offer. Once there is an interview in an Organisation where they work, and they are friendly with the HR unit, They make the work of the HR department easy by telling them who to hire or interview and who not to waste their time on.

They are the in-house inspirational speakers or Motivational speakers. Unlike the Unfortunate Strategist who mind their business, the Misplaced HR are very spontaneous they come into your space and thoughts and give you inspirational talk to get you out of your sad or depressed state. They can tell when you are not happy with your job. They can tell if you are in the wrong work space. They push to do what is best for you and motivate you to keep smiling until you take that bold step.

Misplaced HR are often at loggerheads with managment because they don’t condone work bullying. They keep warning of dangers ahead but unfortunately no pays them attention until the deed is done. The fun part is when something goes wrong in the office like theft, Fraud, Or stupid rumours , while the HR and Management are still spending time trying to figure out and investigate they already know and can tell you without battling an eye lid who the culprits are.

oh! One more thing, they are the life of the party, when the company has no plans for TGIF they make things happen at little or no cost.

Yes, ‘The Misplaced HR’ brings smile and happiness to everyone, even in a terrible work environment.

And if you are wondering if they are this good how come they are not HR themselves? Well my answer is they didn’t even know there is such a profession called HR, their talents as HR is follow come.

Thanks for reading.

As imagined by
Chinyere Susan maduagwu

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