The Pregnant Colleague.

Its Monday morning everyone had arrived work in there usual exciting and chatty mood Everyone had gathered for the morning gossips had breakfast and resumed their seats when they noticed Laila is missing.

Segun: Has anyone noticed my neighbour “Preggy” ( Laila has been nicked named Preggy because of her pregancy) hasn’t resumed work? Or has she begun her leave without informing me his neighbour? Well that’s not fair.

Everyone looked and realised no one has seen Laila Aka ‘preggy’

Tola: Go and check with HR maybe she started her maternity leave earlier than scheduled, she told me her leave starts on Friday she is due for delivery next week.

Segun: Moving close to HR unit good morning please has Preggy started her leave I just called her number but its switched off Segun asked the HR assistant.

HR head: Nope! (He spoke before his assistant could respond) I just got off the phone with her husband she is never going to come back again to see us.

Segun: Oh she even resigned without telling me. ‘mcheww’ Laila I thought we were good office Neighbours hmmm (Segun said with a frown.)

Head of HR: Segun we lost her that’s why she wont come back to us again. Her Labour pain started on her way home on Friday she was the only one in her car driving home she was stuck in Traffic and by the time help came she has suffered complications and she passed yesterday evening.

Segun slowly walked back to his office his other colleagues gathered around him to ask why he had tears on his face. “WE lost Preggy” “Laial is gone” the bubbling atmosphere switched to a sad mood.

Few minutes later, they all gatgered round Laila’s table for a moment of silence while they all cried out their hearts. The sight of Laila’s empty seat wont make their tears stop.

The death of a colleague is painful but the death of a mother creates a hole that can never be filled or covered.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to MOTHERS here to MOTHERS who left and to those who are still loading…………………..

Written by CHINYERE SUSAN Maduagwu

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