The Task Master

BOSS: Bosun I don’t care how long it took you to get this presentation ready, it’s okay but not fantastic we were lucky the client bought this idea. You have to come up with something more creative for the next presentation the client is bigger and I dont want us to mess things up with the client.

Bosun: But sir, I have told you I need more time to get the next presentation ready. You know I am not trained for this, I am only putting in my best to make our clients happy and also make an impact in this orgnaization.

BOSSMAN: Bosun If I have to get someone else to to prepare this presentation then you dont have a job with us any more.

Above are examples of conversations happening in offices. Bosun is a graduate of micro Biology but because he couldn’t secure a job in his field of learning he took a job with an advertising agency as a marketer. But his gift as a deep thinker and willing approach to getting things done has moved him from his marketing position to strategy & planing.

Since he resumed his position as a strategist, he has been gaining more clients for his organisation with his amazing ideas. Like they say the reward for hardwork is more work. Rather than appreciation from his organisation Bosun gets bombarded with more work. He has written to management to send him for training so he can master his art in creating content but no postive answer is forth coming from management to send him on training.

Should Bosun pay his way to training and get better at his new line of trade? Or wait until management is willing to send him for a training course?

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