The Threshold episode 2

Threshold series

“Murder was the case and the blame…” episode 2.

continued from the last post.

The work load was a bit too much for Jessica and the lack of details from Sam’s hand over didn’t help the situation. She was trying her best not to make mistakes, but that scene of Eva and Sam kept messing with her head.

Her last Progress report meeting with Eva didn’t go well. Well at least in her head because what EVA told her was “I know this might be a bit much for you, but you need to “Buckle up” and prove to me you are capable for the Corporate ladder I love women who can take in pressure “Buckle up” Jessica I need you on my team”

The Words “Buckle up” was a trigger even though in this context it was a Challenge to do better, but her Brain interpreted it to mean a threat as it was in her previuous work place.

She left Eva’s Office to Ray Mack’s as he also sent for her. “Jessica what’s goin on where is th report I asked for? Its been 24 hrs since I asked and not even a word of I will be late with delivery, you better “Get your act together” before” …… that was it she stumbled out of Ray Mack’s office before he could finish his sentence. She ran into the bathroom and cried her eyes out. “What’s going today?” she wondered it’s only 11 30am and I have been harassed twice. The phrase ” Get your act together” was another trigger for Jessica.

After Crying she told herself “that’s it” I am leaving I can’t take another bullying its best I leave now before I end up putting another 5yrs of my life into a career that might lead to nowhere. She cleaned up and headed straight to clear her desk and resign. Then in the corridor she saw Ray Mack who also was in shock at what happned in his office he tried to ask if Jessica was okay but she ignored him and walked straight to her desk and statrted parking her things. While she did that Ray quickly went to call EVA to come and see what was happening EVA wasn’t at her desk so he went back to ask Jessica what the problem was as he reached to touch her by the shoulder Jessica snapped,grabbed the Paper perforator and hit Ray Mackon the head (underneth the perforator was a Long sharp hook used in hanging the perforator) The Perforator dropped from Ray’s head but the hook went to the side of his neck and penetrated which caused blood to gush out from his neck. She ran out to get help but Ray followed her holding on to the perforator trying to pull out the hook but he fell in the corridor, by the time others ran towards the secne Ray had bled to death.

The whole thing happned so quick but someone’s life was lost and another hanging on the judgement of the law all because some people in places of authority chooses to mess with peoples life and career.

The same way we clamour for women not to stay in abusive marriage thats the same energy we should use in advising people to walk out of abusive work space and seek professional help before movinh on.

Be careful where you work or build your carrer because they might be creating a monster in you. Lets move on to Hassan’s story another victim of work place abuse.

Written by
Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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