The Threshold

The Threshold series

” Murder was the case and they blame me” Episode 1.

“I can’t beleive you killed him!! take her away” EVA screamed in fear as she shivers in fear at the sight of blood.

It has been a confusing morning at Mack & Jerk Holdings. Outside the office was an ambulance waiting to receive Ray Mack Juniors Body also beside the Ambulance was the Rapid Response team truck waiting to take Jessica away for questioning and detention.

What statrted as a normal working morning at Mack & Jerk has suddenly become a chaotic and dreadful day. The Managing Director who is the CEO son has just been murdered in the office by Jessica who is bearly 3 months in that organization. What could have happened was the question on everyones lips.

At the Police station where jessica was kept for questioning, she was alone for the first time since she murdered her Boss and she too was still in shock as to why she did it. She didn’t leave home to work that morning to kill someone, she wasn’t a killer, “how come I am here with cuffs for actually killing some one”? “”Mchewww!”” she hissed out loud and said “I blame uncle Jerry for this misfortune.” How could he make me do this, I told him I didn’t want to work I wanted to be my own Boss now I am going to spend my whole life in jail or even face a death sentence What a life!” She leaned forward and placed her head on the table to reminisce on what lead to this.

Jessica has been home for 18 months before she joined Mack & Jerk Holdings. Before now she has worked with an Organisation for 5yrs after her youth service. She Was a dedicated staff but was psychological damaged in her previous work place. She was bullied, Insulted, called untrainable and all manner of names. She was never promoted but people after her got promotion even though she was the one training them. She complained a couple of times to her family but they kept telling her to hang in there. Whenever she made attempt to resign the company refuses her letter and make her promises that she will get all she deserved if she puts in a little more effort which she did but rather she gets nothing but deduction more insults that devalued herself worth. ” She kept hearing words like ” We are the only organization that can keep you other companies can’t tolarate your incompetence” She had two collgues who told her all these were lies and that she Jessica was an assert “

They are messing with ur head” George told her one day after an episode of insult from the boss.

Well, Jessica summoned courage one day and resigned. She was happy and prayed she gets another Job soon.

One day Jessica followed her friend who is into business to an office with her CV in her bag just in case as her friend has advised. While Jesicca was waiting at the reception she started feeling uncomfortable, her palms were sweaty, her heart was beating so fast she could bearly breathe luckily her friend came out while she was going through that feeling and they left immediately but strangily she felt better but couldn’t explain what had just happned inside.

She latter got to realise that office environment triggers such feeling after she went for four interviews in different organizations but she kept it to herself. The hurtful words from her previous employer taunts her each time she goes for interview or finds herself in an office environment. When she eventually got a job offer she turned down the Job with excuses.

She never mentioned to her family what her experience but rather she tells them nothing has come up in terms of Job offer. Her Uncle Jerry wasn’t hearing it again and decided to reach out to his friend who was the Human Resources of M& J this time Jessica couldn’t give an excess because her uncle has been informed that Jessica did so well and she is what they were looking for to filll the vacancy.

She begged her uncle to support and allow her start a business but he told her ” You are too young , go and gain more experiance and besides business is not for everyone”

She resumed her new Job, and everything was smooth so smooth in the first two months that she wondered what the fear of resuming a job was for. “Imagine I would have been earning fat salaries since why was I afraid” She tells her self every morning. Unlike her previous job were she was told she was good for nothing, she was almost like the messiah in this new environment.

Well eveyrthing seemed normal untill EVA aka “EVA the bitch” resumed from her long leave of three months and nobody has ever mentioned EVA to Jessica rather she was left to Experience EVA.

Few days after EVA’s resumption she walked in on EVA lashing out at SAM calling him all sorts of names and that triggered something in Jessica, by the close of that same day, EVA has sent SAM on two weeks suspension and Jessica was asked to take over sams work added to her own work load until SAM’s return.

And that was the beginning of the End.

To be continued.

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