The Unfortunate Strategist.

The Unfortunate Strategist.

Well as the name Strategist implies their main duties are to help determine targets for their organisations. They prepare strategic plans to ensure that those targets are met. Their work involves analysing existing strategies and practices, identifying areas for improvement and developing innovative strategies related to the goals they help set.

But with the word “unfortunate” attached to the Title, it shows they didn’t get a seat at the table. So they use their skills to assist colleagues who are in need of plans. They are actually kind enough to dish out unsolicited help to management but their often silenced because they are not in a position to speak.

So! here is how they help out colleagues, Because they are smart people, They know the company policies and have mastered all the loop holes in policy at the back of their heads.

If you have a troubling query to answer and you don’t know how to go about it, just meet with them, and they will do their analysis and then assist you with how to respond without getting into trouble, as a matter of fact they will help you reverse the Query by implicating the management.

If you need to get off work for days and you have already exhausted your leave and off days. The “Unfortunate Strategist” will help you cook up excuses so well that the management will tell you to take all the time you need.

They follow up with troubled colleagues with all required strategy untill the whole issues die off.

How to Identify them.

.1. They are workaholics

  1. They are always getting into trouble and never get punished.
    3, They don’t get involved in your business except you ask them for help.
    4, They are scattered and often look like they. Know nothing.
    5, They are too playful and never taken serious.

Unfortunate Strategists are company assets the management knows that but they never acknowledged them.

But!!! God help you never to be on their wrong side, if you ever find yourself on their bad side, hmmmm! Even the devil will fold his hands and learn few tricks from………..

Oh you want me to “genderlize” the character abi? Abeg let’s move to “Unfortunate Human Resources”

As witnessed and Imagined


Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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