Hmmmm wonders they say shall never end. Okay. You all know I said I want to try my hands on acting☺. Imagine oh! even waka pass role I couldn’t secure. See my life! Sobs Oh Lord why is this happening to me.

That’s not what is paining me oh! The pain in my heart is while I am struggling with getting a ‘waka pass role’ my POTS, Spoons,Plates and Dishes are the ones getting roles😂😣.

Infact they have gotten roles twice fa! very soon they will blow. MCHEEEWW. OH God I really want to blow.

Okay lets get serious its Monday enough of the pity party. My POTS, Spoons and Dishes are getting roles because they appeared for auditions. They served so well that they got called for other roles. Me, I did not apply let alone show up for audition and I want to be an actor lol. You see sometimes we get carried away with our wishful thoughts that we don’t take actions to make our wish happen. For every wish there must be an action to make it happen. In this week I urge us to add action to our wishes and thoughts so that our ‘POTS, Spoons and plates’ won’t be the one getting all the accolades.

Don’t be like me who wont apply or go for audition but yet wants to blow in acting. Lol

Make it a duty to turn up this week for that role or post we have always wished for

Happy Turn up week.

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