Use of Pysclogist at workplace

Last Saturday I was on site for a mini installation for the world HIV Day myself and my client got talking and one of them mentioned A CEO who had hired a hundred staff and fired them all at ones and we wonderd why. According to gist, I couldn’t find the story online he had sacked them because he didn’t see what he was looking for. We thought that was a crazy thing to do. Like seriously how can a man not find what he was looking for in a hundred staff. Which brings me to my topic of discussion for the next few days the use of pyscology at work place.

My son and I talked about it yesterday and we came to a conclusion that it’s high time Organizations starts to hire pysclogist as Human Resources Manager or have a pysclogist present in every Human Resources department. From the trend of things I have noticed that alot of people are dealing with mental issues in a very subtle form. A lot of behavioural patterns at work places are not consistent with the rules and regulations guiding the work place. For instance most people are not early morning birds they just don’t know how to get up in the morning and function they work better or are more productive from evening up till late nights. Some others are not comfortable with people breathing down their necks or the idea of a Bossy Boss just give them instructions and they will figure it out themselves, due to this behavioural patterns, alot of people have lost their jobs not because they are not good at what they do but Because they don’t just know how to functionin in an environment that doesn’t tolerate their behavioural pattern and if these issues are not tackled we will have loads of talented unemployed people sitting at home and unproductive zombies who just appear at work place not because they love their jobs, they are just there because of the pay cheques.

I will continue tomorrow with real life examples of misplaced/ misfit talents roaming around the work place. Untill then

GET SET for Experiance 14 it’s happening tomorrow.

Written by Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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