We are the Millennials we won’t be used.

Mother: Lara! Lara! It’s 6am and you are still SLEEPING, when will you get to work?

Lara: I am not going to work today. I resigned.

Mother: (Alarmed) What! Who did you tell you were resigning? Or were you sacked?

Lara: I wish they sacked me, I begged them to but they wouldn’t (she says with a smile on her face). Mama( she cuts her mother’s speech) please before you bash me, I am tired of that job, my Boss thinks I am a house girl.
I applied to be her Personal assistant but she sends me on endless errands. I only do the proper office job like twice a week and its just for a few hours and the rest of the day is spent going from one menial errand to another.

Mother: What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that why you are her personal assistant? What were you expecting? You should have at Stayed for at least 6 months you are barely 3 months into the job and you have resigned, you walked out after the three months on your last job, what’s wrong with you? And what exactly is this office job description, Sitting in front of the computer?

It’s funny but the above is the trend with fresh graduates from the university. Especially those in their early 20s. Some don’t resign, they walk away from jobs once you snap or shout at them. Some will say I resigned because what I applied for is not what I am doing. I had a neighbour who came to Lagos for the first time last year to complete her youth service after being transfered from the North. In the space of 15 months , she had changed jobs thrice after service. When I asked her for the reason she was jumping jobs she told me ‘I don’t like cheating’, according to her all these small private firms employ her for a particular task but she ends up doing three or more tasks on the same salary. She said she was done with small private firms and she is looking for a bigger firm, multinational or Govt work.

I told her it’s not bad multitasking and she can gain more experience doing so much with private firms for future purposes, in our time we all did that and that’s why we can multitask and gained knowledge to do other things.

She replied ‘that was the lie they told you all then to keep you bound and cheat your generation of your time and resources. Times are different today, knowledge is everywhere. We the Millenials won’t be cheated of our time and resources We would rather stay home and do our own thing.’

I am still pondering on what she said. Is she right? Were we really cheated of our time and resources? Is multitasking for an organization on the same salary beneficial to us ? Or was it a fraud on our intelligence?

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Written by
Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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