Work Hostility

Work place hostility.

If there is one thing that kills productivity in an employee its hostility. I am not sure why some business owner’s, CEOs, Management teams allow such nonsense thrive in the work space.

Some people call it the divide and rule theory. They believe it enhances productivity if co workers compete amongst each other as to gain favours or the Boss’s attention. While this tactic might be working for the Boss it is silently killing the creativity, confidence, productivity and career of the employees.

Some argue that it helps them build a competitive spirit and improve their confidence levels, but to me its an act of grooming tyranny in disguise: the weaker ones die silently in pain as not to be seen as ‘weaklings’.

For the ‘weaklings’ they gradually loose interest in working, somewalk away, Some become redundant and silently hope for a sack letter to get of the hook so no one blames them of walking out on jobs or tag them lazy.

Unfortunately the percentage of companies with zero tolerance to workplace hostility is low. While the workplaces with hostile environments are the ones you see everywhere: especially in Nigeria.

You can tell if a place is a work hostile environment by the turnover rate of staff: they just come and go

Work hostile environments can be likened to a public toliet: no ‘smiling’ faces and the only permanent faces the only permant thing there’s the bad smells and s**t stains on the wall.

Written by Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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