Working MUM.

It’s a reflective monday.
For some reasons I kept hearing conversation about child shaming especially in schools and home when mums are away to work.

I heard about a boy that was made to walk home naked from his waist down beacuse he did excreted on himself while in school. Even though the teacher or school cleaner was kind enough to wash his shorts and underwears I would have preferred he allowed him go home in his wet pants & shorts rather than allow him walk home naked with his classmates, school mates, “naked shamed” or “pupu shamed” him while walking home”

Another case was how I have been away and missed out on certain memeories in the early years of my children’s growing up years. I hear them talk about certain things or memeories and I wonder what when and where did this happen. And they respond you were away working and they are crucial issues which is enough to create damage or psychological trauma for a long period of time. I wondered how they over came it because they were laughing it off and I was really angry the way they laughed it off but equally glad it didn’t cause any damage.

I ask my self what am I angry at? Am I angry for going away to work or am I angry for missing out, am I angry for not checking up to get details as at when it happned only to hear about it years later. Am I angry with the work environment that doesn’t allow flexible work time for women expecially mothers.

I am away from 9 to 7 work environment and looking back I saw from Mama Shade the grocery seller and Iya agaba the Boli seller who constantly pleaded I take a break from 9 to 7 jobs to watch this children. Somtimes we mothers get carried in the euphoria of white collar jobs that we dont realise the harm and effects it has on our children.

I know its not easy to stay off work but I will plead with mothers to make it a point of duty to check with our children’s daily activities. And ask if they are been bullied, body shamed, traumatised or even harrased.

White collar job shouldn’t be an excuse for us to miss out on vital details of our childrens life. While we hope for laws to help mothers have a flexible work time.

Chinyere Susan Maduagwu

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