You Smell Nice

As usual I am always the one to arrive the party late. On the “you smell nice” meme going round on social media. Hmmmmm! my humble opinion the interviewer was actually the Rude person or her response was Rude. I thought what they teach at ettiquete class is to respond politely to “harmless” compliments.

Okay let’s move away from compliments between INTERVIWER and the INTERVIEWEE and lets talk about the business that contects the both of them, which is the almighty “JOB”.

I still don’t see the reason why we still make a big deal out of job “offering” I dont understand why the INTERVIEWER assumes the mood or ROLE of a ‘MONSTER” all because you are on the other side of the Table.

MY point is, A JOB interview is a transaction between two parties , you the JOB owner needs the services of the other it’s not a SLAVE to MASTER relationship. We preach freedom everyday yet we still enslave people mentally.
The INTERVIEWEE is willing to offer his or her services at a fee for a service You the INTERVIEWER can’t handle or manage alone and you the INTERVIEWER is seeking help from the INTERVIEWEE and you are also willing to pay for their services.

So the INTERVIEW is a process to find the right person and Negotiate the transaction terms. Not an avenue to show symptoms of your Bad day or Frustration. If you get an ‘Harmless’ Compliments in the Process, please be civil enough to give polite response and not Use that post to trash peoples personality. Afterall the INTERVIEWEE Hasn’t come all the way to beg you for money he or she has come to offer his or her time,knowledge,experience and skills that will add more value to your business or oganisation. If you are not comfortable with what they are bringing to the table be kind enough to turn them down politely not condemn them. Afterall its a Work zone not a Judgement throne.



Chinyere SUSAN Maduagwu

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